Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Pretty’s approach to Search Engine Optimisation is holistic. In a space where most rely on a handful of strategies to get them by, Pretty takes a different approach. We manage your campaign in house, we don’t off shore it. No smoke and mirrors, we work with you to keep you abreast of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We use best in breed tools, experienced SEO consultants and hard work and where you’re interested in helping out we can train you to help yourself, leaving us to focus on the bigger issues.


How we can help increase your organic rank?

Keyword analysis

Knowing what keywords to target is paramount to achieving successful rank. Competitive keyword phrases can require big budgets to match. We put together a campaign to suit your budget and we discover keyword phrases that are achievable and good value.


On page optimisation

You’ll never rank if we don’t address the shortcomings of your website and optimise the on page setup. This includes installing SEO friendly modules to allow you to build valuable keyword rich content online.


Link Building

Link building best practices are frequently evolving as Search Engines change their algorithms. We stay abreast of the best practices and ensure our white hat processes don’t land you in trouble later. If you have been penalised by Google for Unnatural Links then we can help you recover from this.


SEO Strategy

To start we can review your digital strategy and document out a path to move forward. It’s a small one time cost and at very least we’ll product a comprehensive hand written document that’s easy to read, and we’ll walk you through it. We don’t issue automated reports. Our strategy documents will set out achievable milestones to help you progress your business.


SEO Training

Pretty’s process is collaborative. It involves our clients. We believe that an educated client is a successful client and that smoke and mirrors just slows the process. So we train you to understand the basics of SEO to help us to help you. This allows us to get big results faster.


Reporting and analysis

Being able to report on results is fundamental to knowing Return on Investment for the campaigns we are running. And Analysis allows us to make smart decisions. We use both to prove our worth.


How long till I see the results?

We tackle the low lying fruit first. The items we feel will bring the biggest gain for the smallest amount of effort. This approach allows us to get big results faster. We feel is a client is able to commit a small budget for 3-6 months they’ll start to see results in that time. Our end goal is to have Search Engine Optimisation self-funding within a year.


How much will it cost?

The good news is, we don’t lock our customers into contracts. We believe the results should speak for themselves and we shouldn’t need a contract to keep customers on board. We have plans for customers of all sizes, the more you invest, the bigger the savings and the faster the results. Talk to our digital marketing team to customise a plan for you.

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